Local gallery announces featured artists

The Off Track Gallery announced its featured artists for March and April on Tuesday.

The artists will be honored at a reception on March 13 from 5-8 p.m. at the Off Track Gallery located at the corner of 2nd and “D” Streets in Encinitas.

Morgan Janis has been an active photographer since she received an old camera box from her father at the age of 8. “I’ve spent most of my life on a photographic journey, traveling the world to capture a mood, a face, a place,” says Morgan. The world is her studio and the camera is her palette and every face, moment and place captured is her canvasses.

Joan Grine is a pastel artist living in North San Diego County. Grine’s inspiration comes from the beauty of nature. Her love of natural subjects, their textures, patterns and atmosphere show in her paintings and drawings. San Diego County is a great source of ideas for her art work, with the mountains, desert and the beautiful ocean views.

Her paintings have been in numerous exhibitions, solo shows, and regularly in local libraries. They have won many awards and are in homes and businesses around the world.

Jeffrey R. Brosbe builds his photographic images around shape, light, and shadow. Brosbe communicates his personal response to the world through the essences of his images. “Sometimes my response to the world is a wry, ironic smile, at others awestruck, and sometimes in a realm between these poles. I strive to have my images succeed both on their surface and after deeper consideration,” says Brosbe.

Lisa Dunn has been making pottery since 1990. Her unique forms and designs reflect the colorful, joyful appearances of life. The goddesses reflect the beauty, talent, and emerging potential of all women.

Earth, form, nature, spirit all connected, all interrelated and all worthy of celebration. Lisa (also known as Pema) also uses clay to make joyful mobiles to delight all ages.

The Off Track Gallery is located at the corner of 2nd and “D” Streets. For more information, call 760-942-3636 or go to