Local leaders celebrate recycled water conversion

By Claire Harlin

The entire San Dieguito Park is now using 100 percent recycled water for irrigation, a goal that has long been in the works by the Santa Fe Irrigation District (SFID), the City of Solana Beach, the county’s parks and recreation department, and the San Elijo Joint Powers Authority.

Supporters joined together on Oct. 26 for a ribbon cutting and celebration of what SFID General Manager Michael Bardin described as a “daunting task.”

“This brings us one step closer to attaining our goals of sustainability,” said SFID Board President Michael Hogan, adding that he’s proud to also be saving enough water to serve 100 homes and about 50-acre feet annually.

The 125-acre park was sold for $10 in 1953 under one condition, said Solana Beach City Councilman Dave Roberts — that it be dedicated only to community use. The park offers playgrounds, a baseball field, pavilions and other recreational activities.

Roberts commended former Del Mar Mayor Bill Arballo, who was in attendance with his daughter Teresa Barth, who serves as an Encinitas City Councilwoman.

“It’s because of your vision and leadership that this is all happening,” he said.

Also in attendance were Solana Beach City Manager David Ott and a number of city staff members and park officials.