Local school offers Ivy League education

By Staff

The Cambridge School, located in Rancho Penasquitos, prides itself on offering a classical Ivy League education beginning with pre-kindergarten.

“We are a classical Christian school, and that just means we really care about human flourishing. It’s the kind of education used when all the Ivy Leagues began, the kind of education that’s given us a lot of who’s who’s,” said Head of School Jean Kim, also the founder. “Grammar, logic, rhetoric, those were the early liberal arts, the tools of learning that taught you how to think, how to communicate.”

Students are not only taught traditional subjects such as math and English, but also Mandarin and Latin.

The Cambridge School opened with nine students in 2006, but has since expanded to 120. For the upcoming school year, it will offer pre-kindergarten through fifth grade. It will add a grade each year until it reaches 12th grade.

Kim, who graduated from Yale, went to a high school in Los Angeles she compared to The Bishop’s School in La Jolla. She said despite attending such prestigious schools, she still found gaps in her education, and that she wanted to correct these by founding her own school.

“If parents are looking for the kind of education that isn’t just about information dissemination and if they’re looking for an education that’s more about the formation of a child’s intellect ... they will definitely want to look into the Cambridge School,” Kim said.

While the Cambridge School does have a set application period, Kim said prospective students could apply at anytime so long as there is space available in their particular grade. There are admissions tests that examine academic aptitude, achievement and behavior. Kim also said the school looks at how a student’s family fits in with its philosophy because, as she said, “private schools are all about fit.”

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or call (858) 484-3488.

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