Local student wins San Diego Oceans Foundation award

Carmel Valley’s Anisha Mudaliar, a sophomore at Pacific Ridge School in Carlsbad, won second place in the Greater San Diego Science & Engineering Fair for her research on “The Eutrophication of Oligotrophic Waters by Schooling Fishes.” Anisha also received the San Diego Oceans Foundation award, a special award given to one outstanding project in the field of oceanography.

This year’s science fair competition was composed of 750 projects ranging from designing a robot to detecting deadly chemical spills, as well as cellular experiments and finding cures for diseases. Students presented their experiments to a panel of judges who evaluated creativity, scientific thought and project goals.

Anisha’s award includes a $1,000 scholarship and an invitation to the SeaWorld Oceans Benefit Gala on Oct. 2, where the award will be presented.