Local student’s Serving Spoons organization helps families in need


By Claire Bryan, Francis Parker School 2015

Anne Marie Sager, Carmel Valley resident and sophomore at Francis Parker School, created Serving Spoons, a community service organization that serves meals to families in need. She created the program in January 2011 because she wanted to combine her love for cooking with her love of helping people.

“I plan, cook, and deliver substantial and balanced meals, with at least one vegetable or salad, a main course with a protein, and a dessert. Sometimes, I add an extra touch of fun such as holiday-themed napkins or a special breakfast dish.” Sager delivers each meal to the families personally on a monthly basis.

Gabriela J. was Sager’s first customer and a single mother with debilitating arthritis. Her disability made it hard for her to work or provide for her family, and with seven children to feed, Gabriela struggled on a daily basis. When Sager first heard of Gabriela’s situation, she said she was compelled to do anything she could to help.

“I really like to cook and I like to help people, so I wanted to combine these two loves in the best way possible.” She now serves meals to one senior, one disabled man, and another single-mother family with four children.

Sager, with the help of her vice president Dutra Brown, is now working to form a 501c3 nonprofit corporation, to become a government recognized nonprofit corporation that is tax-exempt. That is how the Red Cross and Father Joe’s organizations functions, explains Sager. This would encourage people to donate funds or goods to Serving Spoons.

Sager hopes for her project to expand with fundraisers and more students volunteering on a regular basis.

“If students know of families that could benefit from the program, it would be a great way to expand,” says Sager.

“I’ve learned that there are many ways to make really delicious, healthy, and easy meals for not much money. Also, I’ve learned a lot about budgeting. Right now everything comes out of my own pocket, but I hope when we get the 501c3 that will change.”

What Sager loves most about her project is the unique relationships she is able to form with the people she serves.

“I have a connection with these people and make a friendship with the families. It is so much more than just cooking, its forming lasting relationships with people I might not have met outside of Serving Spoons.”

If you would like to know more about Serving Spoons or donate to the project, you can contact asagerservingspoons@gmail.com. (The website is under construction).