Locally-based company allows moms to make money while working from home

For 12 years, local resident Heidi Bartolotta worked as a pharmaceutical sales representative. But after having two daughters, she no longer wanted to work late and travel. She wanted to be home.

“The corporate environment just isn’t very accommodating to moms,” said 42-year-old Bartolotta. “They say that they are, but when push comes to shove, they’re not. They want the priority to be them versus your family.”

To allow women to stay at home and either replace or supplement their income, Bartolotta quit her job and founded Moms Making Six Figures with two other women in December 2009. The marketing company represents a U.S.-based manufacturer.

“We all have really different backgrounds, but we all really wanted to have flexibility around our kids because we all have young children,” said Bartolotta, whose daughters are now 7 and 9 years old. “We really didn’t know when we started the company we would be as successful as we are today. We really just had an idea that there would be a lot of other women who were like us.”

Today, Moms Making Six Figures has nearly 70 team members, half working at least 25 hours per week. Although based in San Diego, there are opportunities to take the business to other cities, Bartolotta said. In fact, team members live in Orange County and the Bay Area, as well as in Nevada, Arizona, Chicago and New York.

Bartolotta said her team is comprised of women from very different education levels, backgrounds and work styles. Interested team members don’t have to have a marketing background, but they do have to have self-motivation and the desire to succeed because they make their own schedules and work from home, she added.

“It’s really nice. The flexibility is amazing,” Bartolotta said. “There are so many moms like me. Most of us need a dual income, especially in California. But when you’re a mom, you have kids, and you have all the responsibilities and activities that children have, it’s difficult trying to figure out a way to have a career and balance everything.”

Looking to grow her team, Bartolotta said interested women can contact her by filling out a form on the company’s website at

“Just request information,” Bartolotta said. “It’s a conversation, then you can decide if it’s something that would be a good fit for you. Take the time to learn about us. It might be the best thing in the world for you.”

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