Maintaining balance key for Solana Beach

By Victoria Cypherd

Solana Beach

Dirty politics has finally hit the Solana Beach City Council election where six candidates are vying for three seats. We’ve had tight races in the past but I’ve never seen so many distortions and smear tactics. We should have seen what was coming when three of the candidates (Dan Powell, Peter Frankel, and Vicki Driver) refused to participate in the League of Women Voters’ Candidates’ Forum citing its irrelevance. At these informative events all participants respond to questions submitted by the audience. This seems relevant to me so what did the three “no-shows” have to hide? Perhaps the fact that they have little grasp of issues facing our city? I attended this Forum and was impressed by the thoughtful answers of Lesa Heebner, David Zito and Peter Zahn.

Since then all civility has vanished. Powell, Frankel, and Driver have distorted facts and slung mud at incumbent Heebner and fellow candidates Zito and Zahn. The “no-show” slate has displayed little grasp of municipal finance by claiming our city was plunged into financial ruin singlehandedly by Councilmember Heebner. The real story is that our council made wise financial decisions, saving our city a great deal of money.

Solana Beach is on the right track and guess what—with pro-growth candidates like Powell, Frankel, and Driver we run the risk of it being derailed. Our General Plan will soon be amended and there are still major projects coming that will require thoughtful analysis. I want wise people at the helm who will maintain the delicate balance between attracting development and maintaining our small town character.