Many reasons to vote ‘No’ on Prop B

Let’s be clear, the Solana Beach City Council did not cause this Special Election. The Initiative sponsors used deceitful tactics to back the council into a corner and left them with only two choices: (1) Adopt their initiative policy; or (2) Schedule a costly Special Election. The list of reasons against adopting is a mile long, but the council could not find a single reason to stifle democracy. And that’s why they called for the Special Election.

As Councilmember Zito said at the last meeting, “… it takes a lot of work to force a Special Election,” and “Forcing a Special Election is something that the authors of the petition can choose to do or not.” And that’s exactly what the Initiative sponsors did when they specifically requested a “Special” Election on their Initiative petition and in their letter to the city. This quote from the sponsors’ letter bears repeating, “Additionally we are requesting that a special election be called and scheduled for the earliest possible date after the qualification of this initiative.”

It’s indisputable. The Initiative sponsors triggered the Special Election, and the cost is on them. Yet they continue to try to deflect the blame off of themselves. Their tactic is to confuse voters by omitting and twisting the facts.

Now the proponents of the Party Policy Initiative (on the ballot as Prop B) are harping on a third party report that the city has every right to question. In fact, it’s the responsibility of the council to question any findings they cannot support. As Mayor Nichols explained, the council has received reports and provided opinions to authors many times in the past, especially when important issues are not addressed or disclosed. The council unanimously agreed that a recent third party report on the impacts of the Initiative failed to address many areas of concern and they provided a list of concerns for our City Attorney to address. Concerns that were not addressed in the report include the lack of parking for parties with 100 guests, potential fiscal obligations the city is expected to face as a result of legal challenges and land use, to name just a few.

Since the first days of cityhood, our City Councils have questioned and often disagreed with the results of numerous environmental studies and reports. Reports that were found unacceptable by the council and community include Kaypro, Magellan/Gateway, I-5 freeway expansion, Vons expansion and the Cedros Crossing/train station project. It’s hard to imagine that anyone wants a council that is willing to rubberstamp a study or report that would lead to negative impacts for any neighborhood in our city. After all, in a small town like Solana Beach, nothing affects just one neighborhood; it affects the entire community. Vote “No” on Prop B.

Kelly Harless

Solana Beach