Marijuana and tobacco use ‘out of control’ at recent concert

I had the same experience that writer Michael Jacobsen did in [the recent letter to the editor] letter: “Fairgrounds’ pot and beer fest don’t mix.” Marijuana and tobacco use were out of control at the Ziggy Marley concert [recently] at the Del Mar Fairgrounds. Unfortunately, security personnel charged with enforcing laws regarding marijuana and tobacco use failed to do the job. In spite of pervasive marijuana use, a number of enforcement personnel pleaded they could “do nothing” about users in possession of a so-called medical marijuana card. These enforcement personnel clearly need a refresher course in the law. The possession of an ounce or less, or smoking marijuana is a violation of SB 1449 with a $100 fine. Furthermore, California Health and Safety Code Section 11362.79 disqualifies a “qualified patient” or person with a (medical marijuana) identification card from smoking any place where smoking is prohibited by law. This includes the Del Mar Fairgrounds.

Concerts at the Fairgrounds, including this one, provide public entertainment attended by a variety of age groups, including families with children. They should not be an excuse for lawlessness and the unregulated, unrestrained use of marijuana and tobacco, nor should security personnel be allowed to turn a blind eye because, as some say, they consider these to be “low level” violations. The public has a right, in a public venue such as the Fairgrounds, to expect a well-regulated, marijuana-free and smoke-free experience.

Janet Asaro