Mayor Filner’s pot shop plan is reckless

Mayor Filner’s proposed pot shop plan for our community would be very harmful and is bad policy. The Carmel Valley News recently reported that our area could be home to four pot shops. Why on earth would Carmel Valley need four pot shops? We don’t need any. There is a well-funded and powerful pot shop lobby working on behalf of pot shops owners to try and convince locally elected officials that storefronts selling pot are somehow desperately needed — and completely benign to communities. So far the pot shop lobby has been unsuccessful, as all 18 cities in our county wisely prohibit them; but they have found a friend in Mayor Filner.

Unlike every other mayor and city council in our county, somehow Mayor Filner has fallen for the pot shop lobby’s pleas and lies about “patients” not having enough access to pot and foolishly believes pot shops would be a good idea in any commercial center.

There are hundreds of “medical” pot delivery services; they advertise all over the Internet (just Google it) and in print media like the San Diego Reader and CityBeat. These delivery services, while still illegal, operate 24/7. You call and place an order and they deliver to your door. So why do we need pot storefronts? Could it be the large amounts of profits these shops make? Pot shops are about making profits, which is why we have such an aggressive pot shop lobby down at City Hall.

Pot shops are illegal, magnets for crime, and easily abused by perfectly healthy teens. No thank you.

Kelsey Cross

Del Mar