Mayor’s View: Beautification through new program invited

By Crystal Crawford

Mayor, Del Mar

In October 2008 the City Council approved guidelines for citizens and businesses to adopt public places within the City of Del Mar through a program called Adopt-a-Spot.

City owned streets, rights-of-way, pathways, trails, bus stops and other public spaces can now be officially adopted by citizens and businesses wishing to provide litter pick-up, beautification, or vegetation management. The Adopt-a-Spot program gives caring neighbors an opportunity to propose ways to beautify neighborhood “spots.”

Del Mar has several volunteer and civic minded groups already enhancing areas in our city, such as the Garden Club’s care of the special “spot” in front of the Post Office. Since the formal approval of the program, four new “spots” have now been officially adopted. One group of volunteers adopted a portion of Seagrove Park, another adopted the city owned open space near Hoska Lane, another adopted the sidewalks in front of the Post Office and yet another adopted the Grand Avenue Bridge Platform.

Beautification activities include tree trimming, removal of invasive species, sweeping, removing trash and clearing weeds.

The “Adopt-a-Spot” program is administered through the city’s Public Works Department. When citizens apply and the city approves the proposal, the city notifies other nearby neighbors and asks if they too would like to participate in the “adoption” and beautification effort.

Volunteers provide labor, planning and on-going coordination of regular activities for their “spot.” The City assists with providing needed resources such as the loan of safety vests or traffic cones.

Depending on the location and the specific proposal for a “spot,” the Parks and Recreation Committee and/or the DMVA may provide helpful input. The Fire and Planning departments review requests to ensure that new plantings are fire safe and are allowed by city ordinances.

Community Services reviews requests for new “doggie bag” dispensers.

We hope that many other neighborhoods will partner with the city to enhance the charm and beauty of the many special “spots” located all over our wonderful community.

For an application or more information, contact Public Works at (858) 755-3294 or

, or contact me at