Mayor’s View: Del Mar volunteers – the gifts that keep on giving

By Crystal Crawford

Mayor, Del Mar

All cities invite and hope for citizen involvement. In Del Mar, we rely on talented and expert advisory committees to help make our city work. Volunteerism in Del Mar is phenomenal and sophisticated - phenomenal because of the sheer numbers and sophisticated because of the talent pool at work making Del Mar a better place.

We have scientists, teachers, doctors, CEOs, accountants, librarians and lawyers and many others represented in our robust volunteer pool.

Besides the city’s Design Review Board and Planning Commission, residents serve on the Communications Technical Advisory Committee, the Energy Issues Advisory Committee, the Finance Committee, the Parks and Recreation Committee, the San Dieguito Lagoon Preservation Committee, and the Traffic and Parking Advisory Committee.

Members typically serve for four-year terms, so we often recruit for the committees. Vacancies are advertised in our local newspapers, on our Web page at

, and often announced at council meetings.

The results of our hard-working volunteers are all around us.

-The Parks and Recreation Committee has shepherded numerous beautification projects in the downtown area, along the medians, and in the city’s parks.

-The Lagoon Committee championed the health and preservation of the San Dieguito Lagoon and is largely responsible for the restoration being completed by Southern California Edison.

-Everywhere you look, you can see the results of the thoughtful and considerate application of our Community Plan and zoning codes by Design Review Board members and Planning Commissioners.

We are also fortunate to have a number of 501c3 organizations working to better our community. Our nonprofits include, just to name a few, the Del Mar Foundation, the Friends of the Library, the Friends of the Powerhouse, the Del Mar Historical Society, and the Friends of Del Mar Parks.

The Rose Society and the Garden Club are at work beautifying our city, and the Del Mar Village Association is working tirelessly with village businesses, residents, and property owners to make the downtown area more attractive and viable. Del Mar Community Connections is another example of a wonderful organization started by residents who recognized the needs of our “graying” population.

Are there projects you’d like to see in Del Mar? If so, why not volunteer a bit of your time and talents to make the city you call home even more special?