Misinformation rampant about Proposition J


I am flabbergasted by the misinformation being tossed about by opponents of Proposition J for the Del Mar Village Specific Plan. Most of their claims are 180 degrees from the truth.

Prop J will reduce traffic congestion on Camino del Mar, not increase it. Visit the Bird Rock neighborhood of La Jolla if you don’t believe me. The City of San Diego employed the same approach for handling their traffic that is being proposed in Del Mar. It was a great success! Freer-flowing traffic on Camino del Mar will result in less traffic impact on our neighborhoods, not more. More parking downtown will reduce spill-over parking impacts on Stratford, not increase them. But the most duplicitous claim by opponents is that they want to preserve the character of “Olde Del Mar.”

Their icon for “Olde Del Mar” is Stratford Square, a building that could not even be built under today’s restrictive zoning. I respect residents who take the time to engage on civic issues, but disseminating intentionally misleading and deceptive information designed to scare voters is irresponsible, regardless of one’s motives.

Howard Gad

Del Mar