More SD school budget cuts proposed


San Diego Unified School District trustees are contemplating an additional $26.5 million in cuts in addition to $77.3 million in proposed cuts previously reported.

Superintendent Terry Grier suggested the additional cuts during a special meeting held Sunday, The San Diego Union-Tribune reported.

Grier told the trustees that the administrators were considering making the cuts without consulting the board but he’d rather see the board handle the issue, according to the newspaper.

San Diego Unified, like many other school districts, is expected to make budget cuts to cope with decreased funding from the state due to California’s budget crisis.

The proposed cuts, if approved, would affect the district’s $2.1 billion budget, which goes into effect July 1. The board already committed to cutting roughly $45.3 million through

hiring and spending freezes, consolidated school bus routes and offers of early retirement to its most senior employees.

Other cuts still being considered include increasing class sizes at underperforming schools and for ninth-grade English classes districtwide; eliminating or reducing music and art instruction; curtailing field trips and dropping the district’s magnet-school program.