More ‘smash and grab’ car burglaries reported in Carmel Valley

By Karen Billing

Officer Natalie Hone, of the San Diego Police Department’s Northwestern Division, reported to the Carmel Valley Community Planning Board June 27 that there have been quite a few “smash and grab” vehicle burglary incidents in the Carmel Valley area recently. On the night of June 23 the window of a car parked on Caminito Carmel Landing was smashed and a laptop and computer bag were stolen from the back seat. On June 24, around 7:45 a.m., a woman left her gym bag in her car parked at the Clews Ranch parking lot on Carmel Country Road and returned to find her window broken and bag stolen.

Hone said incidents like these can easily be avoided by people not leaving property out in the open inside vehicles. Hone said many people will opt to leave things in their trunk, but can still get victimized because they place items in the trunk when they arrive at a location and a suspect may be watching. If you must leave items in the trunk, Hone said to place it there before you arrive.

Hone said typically crime statistics trend upward in the summer as there are simply more people in the area, visiting local attractions such as the beach and the fair. Hone advised residents not to wait for a crime spike to occur in their neighborhood, but rather to take efforts now to prevent crimes — don’t make your car or home an easy target.

Board member Christian Clews also asked Hone about a troubling attempted theft of a horse in Del Mar Mesa. A ranch owner awoke to find horses had been let out of their corrals and one had to be helped as it had twine tied tightly around its neck. Hone said she believes that an intoxicated transient had attempted to lead it off the property on the twine and was unsuccessful. Hone said it was a disturbing incident for the many horse owners in the area.

To report any suspicious activity, the non-emergency number for the SDPD Northwestern Division is (619) 531-2000 or (858) 484-3154.