Motorcycle chase begins in Del Mar Heights area

On July 26, at about 9:50 p.m., SDPD officers detected a stolen motorcycle in the area of Del Mar Heights and I-5, according to San Diego Police Lieutenant Andra Brown. The motorcycle was reported stolen and the LOJACK was activated.

Officers followed the vehicle southbound on I-5 to the area of Clairemont Drive when they attempted to conduct a traffic stop on it. The motorcycle immediately sped up to over 100 mph in moderate traffic.

Due to the high speed and the erratic driving of the motorcyclist, SDPD officers terminated the pursuit, but the SDPD helicopter, ABLE, continued to follow its path on the freeway, updating law enforcement of its location.

The motorcyclist left the freeway in National City where he was again pursued by officers. The driver abandoned the motorcycle and ran into a large apartment complex and hid on a residential balcony. The ABLE crew directed ground officers to the driver’s location where he was taken into custody. The driver has been identified as Henry Irenio Pulido, 19, of National City.