Mr. Issa: Now is your chance to be courageous

This is an open letter to Darrell Issa, R-Calif.:

Why don’t you bring a clean CR to a vote, Mr. Issa, or have the Koch’s not given you permission yet? Has the minority Tea Party threatened to “primary” you in San Diego if you don’t do as they say? Well, you may be surprised that you are primary-ing yourself as you align with a party that is no longer speaking for rationality, but rather for extremism, dictated by a shrill far-right Tea Party minority.

You are hurting Americans of all ages. Thanks to the shutdown of the Special Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants and Children (WIC), thousands of babies are going hungry and mothers are scrambling for food. Head Start programs were hit instantly, again making young children and women suffer. Veterans’ disability benefits and pensions are going to be delayed, and you saw the tragedy of deceased soldiers whose families could not get death benefits — even a soldier right here in San Diego. Older Americans cannot access Social Security and soon their benefits won’t arrive. The government shutdown has real impact on real people, something that seems to be lost on you and the GOP members who live in the glass bubble of Washington D.C.

Even the Wall Street Journal’s own polls show the damage you are doing: Seventy percent of Americans say Republicans are putting politics ahead of what is best for the country. You are putting politics ahead of what is best for your district right here in San Diego.

Mr. Issa, you have a chance to be courageous and stand up to the mob mentality in your party. Vote for a clean CR to reopen the government with no strings attached and refuse to play politics with the debt ceiling — let the U.S. Treasury make good on the bills that have been incurred by you and the congress. Now.

Anne Farrell,

Del Mar