MTS agrees to retain most service for SV connecting passengers

The Metropolitan Transit System Board of Directors agreed Thursday to retain service to at least 75 percent of Sorrento Valley COASTER Connection Passengers and reduce the public subsidy by 66 percent. MTS and the North County Transit District have agreed to split the subsidy cost of providing the service.

“This plan represents the culmination of a lot of hard work on the part of two transit agencies to retain at least a portion of this regional service,” said Paul Jablonski, Chief Executive Officer of MTS. “This service is also being supplemented by a number of employers in the area that are operating shuttle services for their employees. The combined effort will keep commuters on board public transportation and off the freeway.”

There are currently nine routes serving Sorrento Valley and the University Towne Center area. The new network will have four routes. Several routes will be combined and routes with very few passengers will be eliminated. All trips before 6:30 a.m. will be eliminated.

Discontinued routes:




Combined routes:



Routes 89 and 978 will be retained but may have possible minor alignment adjustments.

The changes are scheduled to be implemented the week of March 30, following approval of the cost sharing between NTS and NCTD.