Naturopathic wellness center opens in Solana Beach

By Claire Harlin

To treat ailments or get non-prescription antidotes without having to go to the doctor, many simply walk into a vitamin shop and stock up, guided by not much more than the text on the back of a bottle and the advice of the shop employee. On Dec. 10, the community will see a new concept that combines the benefits of a nutritional store and a doctor’s office with the opening of the Solana Beach Wellness Center, located at 100 S. Cedros Ave.

Directed by naturopathic doctor Kelly Austin, the center has a goal of getting to the root of patients’ problems, often linked to elements such as nutrition and lifestyle, before treating with medication. Menopause, digestive disorders, anxiety, depression, diabetes, high cholesterol, blood pressure concerns, weight loss and anti-aging are only some of the reasons Austin sees patients.

Coupled with the products and ideals of Metagenics, which calls itself a “lifestyle medicine and nutritional supplement company,” the center will provide a multi-disciplinary approach to health and incorporate services from massage to vitamin therapy to chiropractics before prescribing medication. Austin and the center’s nurses will also focus on naturally weaning patients off medications they are already taking.

“We specifically picked the center to be in Solana Beach because people here (and in surrounding communities) are so open to natural medicine and take such good care of themselves,” said Austin, who frequently administers vitamin B12 injections at the Sprouts supermarket at 659 Lomas Santa Fe Drive. “They understand longevity and are open to education.”

Austin began working out of a chiropractic office in Rancho Bernardo, but within a year outgrew the space and opened up her own office to keep up with the demand of her services. A fitness instructor and long distance runner, Austin is not only exercise savvy, but she’s received training through Defeat Autism Now (DAN) to work with autistic patients and she’s one of the only doctors who is certified to do cyclical dosing of hormones.

Metagenics CEO Fred Howard said he met Austin about a year ago at a medical-related event and he was drawn to her principles.

“She’s a superstar,” said Howard, a Rancho Santa Fe resident.

But rather than working within Austin’s office to carry out Metagenics’ therapies and products, Howard said he wanted to work with Austin to find a space in which they could work together doing what they do best — and in less than a year their idea of a wellness center has come to fruition.

“We wanted to have a space that is conducive to learning about nutrition, to help people with their issues,” Howard said, “It’s a space where you come in and you’re greeted by a doctor. There are treatment rooms and also space for seminars and an area to buy Metagenics products. It’s not like a retail shop where there is no one to help you through the decision-making process.”

Howard said there are many places that call themselves wellness centers, however, the Solana Beach Center will be the first of its kind, and there could be many like it to follow as more people seek out natural treatment and therapy options.

“We felt it’s good to do something for society,” Howard said, adding that conditions like diabetes and obesity are getting more and more prevalent.

“All these basic issues are so predominant in the U.S. and globally, so it’s good to be nutrition-minded and health-oriented.”

Howard said it’s common for people to have questions about natural options, as more and more products and supplements are hitting the parket.

“You can answer some of your questions on the Internet,” he said. “But it’s not like talking to a doctor.”

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