Neighborhood 5 truly appreciates work of ‘Paint Elf’


I would like to say a big

thank you

to the “Paint Elf” that has graced Neighborhood 5 with painting all of the common area walls. The homeowners that live on the other side of the wall have tried very unsuccessfully to have the City of San Diego maintain them and have repeatedly been told that the walls are not part of the “Maintenance Overlay Zone.”

What is the old saying — “Out of Sight Out of Mind!” While I am sure a majority of the Neighborhood 5 homeowners are not aware of the responsibility of this task, our Paint Elf is and has paid for all of it out of the his or her own pocket.

For those homeowners that live along one of Neighborhood 5’s many walls of the Baldwin Community that choose to maintain their property, we commend you for a job well done.

Here is hoping that with the help of our Paint Elf we will all care as much about our community and prosper from this person’s kindness and generosity.

Karen Cody

Past Neighborhood 5

Carmel Valley Planning Board Rep, and Neighborhood 5 Homeowners

P.S. Thank you to the City of San Diego for the plantings and bark in front of now newly-painted walls. Our area now looks like our property taxes are finally being used to improve our community.