New community relations officer joins Northwestern Division

Natalie Hone is the new community relations officer at the San Diego Police Department’s Northwestern Division, replacing Officer Adrian Lee.

Lee received a special commendation from District 1 City Councilmember Sherri Lightner for his service to the community over the last two years; Lee is transitioning to a new role as a sergeant.

Hone introduced herself at the Oct. 25 Carmel Valley Community Planning Board meeting, discussing a recent incident involving a Hispanic male who was spotted watching cross country team girls at both Torrey Pines High and Canyon Crest Academy campuses.

The suspect drives a 2007 Toyota Yaris and is described as 5”9, in his 30s, about 160 pounds and easily identifiable by his handlebar moustache.

“We know who he is and where he lives and we’ve been looking out and watching for him,” said Hone. “He knows that we’re watching him so we doubt he’s coming back to any schools around here.”

If he is spotted, or to make any other report of suspicious activity, call Northwestern Division at (858) 484-3154. Hone can be reached at (858) 523-7031 or by e-mail at The division also has a Facebook page at that people can like and stay updated.