New company delivers organic dinners to local communities

New company uberfood delivers organic dinners to the Carmel Valley and Del Mar communities on Wednesdays. Courtesy photo

By Karen Billing

Local new company uberfood is hoping to bring fresh organic, family-friendly dinners right to your door.

The company serves dinners to the Carmel Valley, Del Mar and La Jolla communities on Wednesdays. Corporate catering is available seven days a week from Carlsbad to downtown San Diego.

“We call it uberfood because we want it to be the very best food,” said Casey Knapp, uberfood’s “food captain.” “We’re very careful to choose the best ingredients possible.”

Uberfood promises something for everyone, from children to busy professionals, people eating a Paleolithic diet to meat lovers. The one universal theme is that everything is locally sourced and organic and delivered fresh.

Knapp is a big believer in the “afterglow” that occurs around the dinner table after the whole family has enjoyed a healthy meal.

“Eating organic means more energy and overall happiness, at least that’s what I’ve found,” said Knapp, a fifth generation dairy farmer from upstate New York.

Knapp moved to Del Mar in March after graduating from Cornell in 2012. His entrepreneurial parents’ family farm produces pastured poultry, beef, pork, free-range eggs and organic strawberries.

“Growing up on a farm, I had access to super-healthy food that we raised ourselves and I saw the impact it had on my family and our customers,” Knapp said.

He remembers people coming to his family’s farm for Thanksgiving turkeys (the animals were not raised in cages) and enjoying a pasture diet supplemented with organic grains and minerals. The customers would report it was the best-tasting turkey they had ever had, Knapp said.

“That really stuck with me, to make it easy to get healthy, wholesome food,” Knapp said. “That is one of the most important things people can do for themselves,” Knapp said.

Knapp moved to California to help start uberfood with co-founders Gen Furukawa and Lisa Barnhouse-Gal.

Barnhouse-Gal is a Birdrock mom of two active boys and a self-described “farm-to-fork vigilante.”

She wanted to feed her family well but with her hectic schedule it was hard to find the time and the right ingredients. Her husband was eating too much fast food, her family was growing bored of having the same meals and she found her friends were having the same problem.

She started uberfood as a way to save on the time and stress of going to a grocery store and prepping dinner.

“We started uberfood to bridge the gap between high-quality food and convenience like no other company has done before,” Barnhouse-Gal said.

In starting uberfood she got Furukawa on her team, a New York native and Brown University graduate who received his MBA from Cornell and was on a mission to make tasty and healthy food readily available.

Knapp happened to meet Furukawa on the day of his last final at Cornell and realized they shared the same mission.

With uberfood, they aim for a really creative and inspired menu — they try never to repeat items.

“We like to have sophisticated meals that are still relished by the picky eaters. It has to be enjoyable for the whole family,” Knapp said.

Everything is made fresh daily in one of their two kitchens and delivered in their refrigerated vans.

Meals include a full dinner entrée and three sides. Vegan, vegetarian and gluten-free meals are available and the seasonal menu changes weekly.

A recent dinner menu included organic free range lemon rosemary chicken or almond encrusted fresh catch fish with sides of garlic jasmine rice, Suzie’s Farm vegetables and a farm garden salad with stone fruit and goat cheese.

Upcoming dinner options feature Baja lobster risotto with truffle essence and mushrooms and butternut squash soup.

Lunch options include sandwiches and salads like their popular chimichurri grilled chicken salad with avocado, quinoa, walnuts, organic greens, wild arugula and cherry tomatoes with a tarragon shallot vinaigrette.

They have also partnered with a juice bar in Birdrock so people can opt to add Farm2Fork’s 100 percent organic juices to their orders.

As they are still a start-up, it’s only Wednesday dinners for now and they have their limited delivery areas. As they build up their customer base and hear positive feedback, Knapp is encouraged that uberfood will continue to grow.

“People are excited about the meals we’re delivering, which is really cool,” Knapp said.

Meals must be ordered online 48 hours in advance and there is also an option to gift meals. To learn more or order, visit