New Flexible Payment Options For Going Solar


As a resident of Carmel Valley, I find the best part of living here to be the abundance of sunshine and good weather. I continue to live here and raise my family here because the people of our community are optimistic, always looking for ways to make a better place for our kids and future generations. We all agree that helping the environment is a good thing, and I talk to people all the time who would love to do more, including adding solar panels to their homes, but are daunted by the cost of such a drastic shift to their lifestyle. Fortunately, it is becoming easier and more instantly economical to use alternative energy in our homes. The key is to find the perfect plan for you.

Today there are more financing options than ever for going solar. Companies such as STI Solar offer their own packages.

There are two new types of “Solar as a Service” agreements that offer a no-money-down acquisition of the system combined with comprehensive insurance, maintenance, monitoring and repairs for the life of the system, so the homeowner does not have to worry about it. Both allow you to transfer your agreement to the new owners or buy out the system ahead of time if you sell your home, and both provide thousands in savings over the term of the agreement.

The Solar Lease is ideal for those managing a tighter budget. Simply pay the same amount every month in a given year and receive all the benefits of low-cost, clean energy.

The Power Purchase Agreement, or PPA, allows you to pay a flat kWh rate for the amount of energy your system produces. The amount you pay will vary month-to-month depending on the system’s production.

There are also great loan programs available for homeowners who want to own their system and take the generous Federal Tax Credit. STI Solar offers a low APR loan that gives you the benefit of ownership without the upfront purchase cost and maintenance expenses at a lower rate than your current utility. And in San Diego and surrounding cities there is the HERO program, a low-interest, long-term, tax-deductible financing option that is repaid through your property taxes.

Sure, going solar can be a big change. That’s why it is so important for the leaders in our field to make it as easy and as affordable (not to mention beneficial) as possible to make the change. We’ve made a commitment to you—our neighbors—by helping to protect our valuable resources though offering ways to make it easier for everyone to contribute to a bright future, saving on energy resources while also saving money to invest in our own future.

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