New product line provides eco-friendly alternatives to carry-out bags and more

I enjoyed reading the Solana Beach Sun’s recent article on the plastic bag ban in Solana Beach. I was especially intrigued with the youth movement and representation. Evan Lewis sounds like a smart kid and his Kids Eco-club is a wonderful idea to rid the community of its plastic addiction. The fact that there is even a “Save the Plastic Bag Coalition” astounds me. It is even more puzzling that it has legal representation. Their basis on the opinion of using paper is killing trees is a farce. First of all, most carry-out bag paper is recycled. Secondly, there are alternatives to the three arguments presented to the City Council. There is a product line called Eco-Us biodegradables. These products are biodegradable, sustainable, reusable, and disposable. Petroleum and “Big Oil” have been fighting it every step of the way. I am a proud resident of the community and have been advocating this alternative here for about six months. The products not only include carry-out bags, but produce rolls, food carry-out containers, utensils, trash liners, totes, cups bowls, plates and utensils, among other things. They are even capable of producing the bio version of the plastic cover your newspaper is delivered in. Readers may view and like the product at Nicholas Waln Jr. Proud resident of the City of Solana Beach