New Shoe Event to put 1,000 new shoes on San Diego school kids in need

Gaylord-Hansen Shoes, a nonprofit 501c3 organization, recently secured the 20,000-square-foot Activity Center at the Del Mar Fairgrounds to hold its annual New Shoe Event for San Diego school kids in need. The event will be held on Oct. 7.

Believe it or not, there are almost 16,000 kids in the San Diego area that are homeless or in transition. The mission of the Gaylord-Hansen Shoe Foundation is to give San Diego school kids in need an opportunity to enjoy the fun and excitement of getting a brand new pair of shoes and feeling the exhilaration of running faster, jumping higher, looking cool, or feeling fancy. Additionally, the foundation holds used shoe drives throughout the year to provide used shoes to help school kids as they grow and wear out their shoes.

“I remember as a kid growing up I always loved getting a new pair of sneakers! I always felt faster and thought I could jump higher,” states Bill Gaylord. “Unfortunately, there are so many kids in San Diego that have never had a new pair of shoes. What most of us take for granted, so many kids out there just want some shoes that fit, new or used.”

According to Sam Hansen, “We want to put 1 million new and used shoes on kids over the next five years. This year, we will put 1,000 new shoes on kids and working to collect 25,000 used shoes through used shoe drives throughout San Diego County.”

The North County Association of Realtors (NSDCAR) has adopted Gaylord-Hansen Shoes as its Community Project for 2013, providing numerous volunteers at the New Shoe Event and holding used shoe drives.

If you are interested in volunteering, please feel free to visit their website at

Local drop off locations include:

Gaylord-Hansen Mortgage Group:

Attn. Alexandra Harbushka, 11682 El Camino Real, #250, San Diego, CA 92130, 858-259-8700;

Torrey Pacific Properties:

Attn. Adam Peck, 1049 Camino Del Mar, Suite A, Del Mar, CA 92014,


Keller Williams:

Atn. Rose Wolkins, 12780 High Bluff, Suite 130, San Diego, CA 92130,


Windermere Real Estate:

Attn. Eva Marshall, 124 Lomas Santa Fe, Suite 206, Solana Beach,