New soccer league Borussia Del Mar set to begin

By Karen Billing

New soccer league Borussia Del Mar is gearing up for a Sunday soccer league beginning on Feb. 14. Called Tommy’s Champions League for Kids, the soccer league will run five Sundays at Solana Highlands School through March 24 for ages 5 through 14. Participants will explore the history of Europe’s Champions League, work on soccer basics and drills, and play four vs. four mini-games on lined fields with goalkeepers.

Participants will also receive a Borussia Del Mar T-shirt and an official Champions League patch.

Borussia was developed by Tommy Maurer, who spent 13 years with the Del Mar/Carmel Valley Sharks as a coach, assistant director of the older boys program and director of the recreation program. He decided to go out on his own with a new league last year.

The focus of Borussia is on player development with a training center he hopes to establish by March.

“I’m not as concerned with gaining teams because I feel there’s plenty of that for young players in this area,” Maurer said.

It is his hope that a small staff of “excellent” coaches will help train the players through private and group lessons.

“I want to gain the trust of all the local clubs. I could see three Shark, three Surf and three Manchester players all coming together,” Maurer said. “They could get influenced by different coaches and the different players, learning different playing styles— that’s the big focus.”

He doesn’t want his center to be just “glorified private lessons” but a way to really help the players’ games progress. He thinks his training center is where Borussia could fit in and be a value to the soccer community in the area.

“I want to find the right space where we can work with all the leagues and not step on anyone’s toes,” Maurer said. “The beauty of being out on your own is you can reshape and retool your program a lot as needed. I’m glad I chose to go this way because of the opportunity to add something new.”

With the backing of sponsor Bumblebee Tuna, Maurer is also working on developing a Samba Soccer League for seniors.

“One of my favorite things to do is work with older people that need a new kind of exercise,” Maurer said. “Getting them to enjoy the game of soccer to the best of their capabilities, I really think that would be a cool thing.”

To sign up for Tommy’s Champions League for Kids, visit