New solutions to an old (parking) problem in Del Mar

By Richard Earnest

Mayor, Del Mar

In 2000, the firm of Meyer-Mohaddes Associates prepared a Parking Master Plan Report for the city of Del Mar. In the report they identified significant parking deficiencies in the northern part of the Del Mar Village near Camino del Mar and 15th Street and significant parking intrusions into the residential areas. They also identified underutilized private off-street parking associated with commercial development along Camino Del Mar south of 13th Street and on the City Hall site.

The conclusion you can draw from this, which was also identified in the Clue Report in 2007, is that there is enough parking in Del Mar; it’s just in the wrong location or not properly managed. The Parking Master Plan Report went on to identify a number of recommendations to help solve the issues including a few that have been implemented, including zone code amendments allowing for shared parking and a peak season valet program.

Now an Ad Hoc Form Based Code (FBC) Committee has identified a number of new solutions that build on the early study. A key part of these recommendations includes the preparation of a Village District Parking Management Program. This program will implement a better utilization of private off-street parking and require under-parked businesses to participate in shared parking programs. The recommendation also includes a revision to parking standards to be consistent with the new SANDAG program, design for up to 100 new angled spaces along Camino Del Mar, construction of a parking garage for 350 to 400 cars on the City Hall site, an expanded valet program, establishment of a shuttle system and development of a residential parking permit program in areas adjacent to the Village District. The program will be implemented through the Village Center District Plan, which the City is developing for the downtown under the guidance of the Ad Hoc FBC Committee.

This comprehensive approach to our parking issues will go a long way to resolving the City’s age-old parking problems. Please join us in the upcoming public workshops where we will explore these and other programs being recommended for our Village Center.