New taxicab law adopted in Del Mar

The Del Mar City Council on June 4 adopted into law an ordinance that sets stricter regulations for taxicab drivers.

Random checks, driver appearance guidelines and incentives for environmentally- friendly vehicles are just a few elements of the ordinance.

Questions arose regarding the requirement that all cabs have GPS systems, however, the council still followed through with the final reading.

“We have a good ordinance in front of you, and we don’t want to delay this item,” Mayor Carl Hilliard said.

The city will be working with North County Yellow Cab CEO Mike Casey to address one of his concerns, that drivers will have to provide their own GPS devices until he equips all his cars with new data terminals. He said police have advised drivers to display windshield-mountable GPS devices on the right side of the windshield, which hinders the passenger from being able to see the screen like the new ordinance requires.

— Claire Harlin