NIMBYs and the Fletcher Cove Community Center

In all the sound and fury surrounding the Fletcher Cove Community Center usage, one group stands out as deserving our sympathy. That group is the Solana Beach City Council whose members are caught between the grindstones of the NIMBYs and the city residents who had expected to see a fairly robust usage of the renovated and newly beautiful FCCC. We need to remember that our Councilmembers have been largely responsible for the current beauty and desirability of this entire community, through an active and engaged feeling of responsibility for, and action on behalf of, the residents.

That said, I personally think the Council has bent over too far backward to appease the vociferous group of NIMBYs who don’t want to see any increased usage. The current policy is hailed by the NIMBYs as a reasonable compromise, but it looks otherwise to me. One wedding or celebration every other weekend? That’s as close to non-usage as it gets. Fears of drunken guests roaming the area or driving around the streets? We have, and have always had, the Sheriff’s Office and the ABC to deal with that (I’d like to ask how the NIMBYs deal with the local full-time, full-service bars in the vicinity. Maybe we need to shut them down!). A hundred guests, twice every weekend, with blaring music each time? That’s not envisioned by anyone except the NIMBYs. Let’s let our Fire Marshal do his job for occupancy limits, and let the current ABC and noise regulations already in place do our policing instead of using drink-counters and noise-meter maids. There’s no need for special voting if we can only adopt these common-sense, existing regulations.

To you homeowners near the FCCC: it isn’t as if you bought your homes with no knowledge that a Community Center was nearby. It’s been there since 1945. And if you’re worried about noise problems of 15 to 20 years ago, you’ll be happy to know that times have changed for the better. Let’s don’t be like the homeowners who move next to the airport and then complain when the runways are actually used for the greater public good.

Richard Moore

Solana Beach