No more elections

The big question Solana Beach voters must ask themselves is whether they want another costly election every time a change needs to be made to the Fletcher Cove Community Center party policy. If the answer is, “NO,” then residents of Solana Beach need to vote down the Party Policy Initiative, now known as Prop B, in the Feb. 11 Special Election.

Despite the Initiative sponsors’ claims, the City Council cannot make changes to Prop B if it is approved in the Special Election. California Elections Code Section 9217 is very clear, “No ordinance that is either proposed by initiative petition and adopted by the vote of the legislative body… or adopted by the voters, shall be repealed or amended except by a vote of the people, unless provision is otherwise made in the original ordinance.” This means that even if there are parking or safety problems (which may happen since Prop B allows parties of 100 guests, two days every weekend with no designated parking and alcohol), the City Council will be unable to make changes to the policy on its own. State law requires another city-wide election to amend the policy.

The City Council already allows private parties at the Community Center, and the policy can be modified depending on whether there are problems or not. On the flip side, Prop B becomes the law of the land, set in stone, requiring a vote every time a change is needed. Vote “No” on Prop B.

Betsy Walcott,

Solana Beach