No smoking signage and enforcement needed at race concerts


I attended this past Friday’s after-the-race concert [in Del Mar]. This concert, and all after-race concerts, are supposed to be smoke-free. But little is done to remind and educate the concert-goers to that fact. There is virtually no signage. As you walk into the venue and past the security there should be appropriate and highly-visible signage that the concert is 100 percent smoke-free. I saw many smokers at the concert, and while some of the security would ask those smoking to put out their cigarettes, it was definitely an uphill battle. There just wasn’t enough enforcement or education of the smoke-free policies at these concerts.

The fairground is public property, and its rules need to be enforced and we need the fairground management to add signage and communicate to its security that the smoke-free policies need to be enforced. This would help improve the overall experience at the concerts and keep our public property cleaner and healthier.

Jon Sullivan