No way out?

At a recent Solana Beach City Council meeting, Fletcher Cove Community Center party initiative speakers suggested that the City Council be creative. If I have it right, the party initiative speakers suggested that the City Council should, disingenuously, adopt the party policy initiative without a city vote, and then later organize a different city vote that would replace the adopted party policy with their own City Council policy. This would avoid the special election caused by the timing of the party initiative. I think that this is the same brand of creativity that created the current mess, and that the City Council should not get sucked into it.

The party initiative group, deliberately or accidentally, trapped the City Council into a choice between allowing an unelected group to dictate unacceptable city policy or an expensive special election. The party initiative group held a petition drive in which signers may have believed that their signatures would lead to a city vote on that petition. It seems like there is no choice; the vote has to be held. I wish there was some way out, some way for the party initiative group to withdraw and resubmit their petition later when it would not require a special election.