North Shore Girls Softball gearing up for first All Star tournament in Carmel Valley

PHOTO COURTESY: North Shore Softball’s under-8 All Stars last year.

By Karen Billing

North Shore Girls Softball will host the Coastal Classic All Star tournament this month, the first in its 26-year history as a league. Running May 16-18, the Coastal Classic will bring more than 52 teams and over 600 girls to Carmel Valley for competitive softball match-ups, some of them under the lights.

“It’s going to be a gigantic event,” said tournament director Randy Rechs.

Rechs said the main reason North Shore has never hosted such a tournament before is because they are just a “tremendous undertaking” that require a lot of volunteer work. This year, they had the volunteer manpower to pull it off.

“We have a core group of people that formed the All Star Tournament Committee and they have just been tireless workers,” Rechs said. “They will just do anything to bring this tournament about.”

The tournament will feature games on the fields at Solana Highlands School, Torrey Hills School, Carmel Valley Recreation Center and Ocean Air School. North Shore has several All Star teams in each division: under-8, under-10, under-12 and under-14.

Rechs said one of the goals of the tournament is to draw more kids into softball from local areas. He hopes little girls will see the bigger girls in their special All Star uniforms, having fun playing the game and go to their parents to ask to try the sport.

He also hopes the community will come out and support the league and its top-notch players.

“I think the community will really enjoy coming out and watching the girls play,” said Rechs, who admits he is biased as a parent and coach of two young players. “At the All Star level it’s a pretty amazing degree of proficiency that they play at, the games are pretty entertaining. It’s amazing how well they play.”

Sponsorship opportunities for the tournament are still available. For more information, email Randy at For more information on the league and upcoming tournament, visit