NOTE TO READERS: Newspapers to launch sports Web site


Be the first to participate in the newspaper’s exclusive sports Web site.

The paper is getting ready to launch a new outlet for youth, club, prep and adult sports teams to share their results, news and photos in print and online with the Carmel Valley, Del Mar, Rancho Santa Fe and Solana Beach communities.

Organizations can create sports pages for each team and online sports sections for their leagues by uploading their own scores, photos, statistics and more.

The paper has teamed with CommunitySportsDesk (a national sports software and service company) to help create Community Sports. We’re looking forward to getting more sports news in our newspaper and online.

It’s a great way for schools, recreation leagues and club sports to enhance visibility and share news with the community. Sports teams will be able to use our simple administrative page to upload photos and statistics for us not only online, but in the printed Leader.

Once Community Sports goes live, there will be an icon on the home page and a special link on the sports dropdown menu that will bring you directly to the page. For the site to be up and running by September, your sports information is needed now!


to be added to the contact list.

Our CommunitySportsDesk partners are already contacting coaches, league directors, team managers and parents to get the information needed to build the team’s profile. They’re already making calls to set people up with secure user names and passwords so they can update their pages anytime.

CommunitySportsDesk’s team will show league and team administrators how user-friendly the process is and answer questions about the site. If you have questions, contact site administrator Renee Hawley at


League information will appear immediately on the Web site and we’ll do our best to get as much as it can into the newspaper each week.

  • Kathy Day, Executive Editor