Nothing simple about Prop B

In their latest flyer, the sponsors of Prop B claim their policy is, “clear, straightforward and uncomplicated.” Apparently they don’t want to muddy the waters by providing voters with actual facts. It’s easy to claim things are simple if one doesn’t bother to include the details that really matter. So just how uncomplicated and straightforward is Prop B?

Prop B overrides the city codes on parking, noise and alcohol. And it leaves our City Council powerless to fix any problems that result from Prop B’s policy. Prop B proponents ignore the licensed traffic engineer’s conclusion that adding 75 additional parked cars to the area on two days of every weekend will create impacts on parking. And what about the costly elections that will be required to fix any and all problems that arise from Prop B’s lax policy? Or the legal fees the city will have to spend to defend this inflexible, poorly-written policy?

The only thing simple about Prop B is that it removes all common sense safeguards that our City Council enacted to protect the public and nearby businesses from parking and safety problems. Vote “No” on Prop B.

Robert Glatts

Solana Beach