Occupy Movement is focused on the fact that people no longer have a voice in government

I wish to correct a mischaracterization of the Occupy Wall Street Movement in the Jan. 26 article, “858 Tea Party Comes to Local Communities.”

The Occupy Movement is not focused on spending more money in Washington, it is focused on the fact that we, the people, no longer have a voice in government. Candidates campaign for our votes, but once elected they answer to the money that got them there. Corporations and a few extremely wealthy individuals now spend billions on campaign contributions, Super Pacs and lobbying, and thus far we have been powerless to stop it.

The philosophical differences between Progressives and the Tea Party, Liberals and Conservatives, Democrats and Republicans, keep us conveniently divided and distracted. Many are so busy pointing angry fingers at each other that they barely notice the majority of our representatives (in both parties) now protect the interests of corporations rather than the people who elect them. And THAT is why we “Occupy!” Calling attention to the problem is the first step, but when we finally set aside our differences and stand together to demand an end to this hijacking, that is when we, the people, will prevail.

Kim Perl, M.D.

Carmel Valley Resident

Wife, Mother, and member of Occupy Encinitas (which rallies every Saturday at 1 p.m. on Encinitas Blvd. at Coast Hwy. 101)

Note: In light of the recent violence in Oakland, I wish to reiterate that the Occupy Wall Street Movement is committed to nonviolence. As it is within all movements and within society in general, there can be some individuals who go too far. However, acts of violence or destruction are in direct opposition to the declarations of Occupy Wall Street, and they are not supported by the vast majority of Occupiers.