Officer urges Carmel Valley residents to take safety precautions

Natalie Hone, Northwestern Division’s community relations officer, recently posted on facebook the following update on the series of burglaries in Carmel Valley:

“The Torrey Hills/Carmel Country Highlands area has been the focus of a daytime, midweek, residential burglary series. Since the end of February, there have been 11 separate residential burglaries (five occurred this past May) where the suspects used rocks or bricks to break the rear windows to doors and ransacked the homes.

“The time frame of the burglaries are short, the victims are usually only gone less than two-three hours. The suspects are taking mainly jewelry, coins, cash, and small electronics. The last case was on May 30, and was not in the same area as the others, (the last one was at Berryfield Court in Carmel Valley), but same modus operandi was used by the suspects. In this last case, witnesses saw two dark-skinned males jump the rear wall to a residence with a pillow case in hand. The two suspects fled in a silver Toyota Highlander or 4-runner.

“Even though we have not had another break-in the last week, still remember to lock up and secure your homes. Continue to be vigilant and call in suspicious activity (858) 484-3154.”