Officials approve $25,000 for study to assess Del Mar’s law enforcement needs

By Claire Harlin

The City of Del Mar on March 4 took a step forward in exploring the possibility of starting its own police force, unanimously approving $25,000 to proceed with selecting a consultant to study the city’s options.

By commissioning the study, the city is not only seeking an assessment of its current services and what it would cost to provide them internally, but also an analysis of the city’s crime statistics and demographics to determine what the ideal service should look like.

While the city has made no determination on whether it should pursue creating its own law enforcement arm or partner with a neighboring city, perhaps, Mayor Terry Sinnott said it’s important for the city to have options, which he feels the study will clarify.

The request for proposals follows several city discussions and a January presentation from the Finance Committee regarding the rising costs of contracting with San Diego County for law enforcement services, as well as concerns about decreasing service levels.