Kilroy Realty and community groups reach compromise on One Paseo project in Carmel Valley

Kilroy Realty Corp., developer of the One Paseo project in Carmel Valley, and three community groups that filed a lawsuit challenging the project have reached a compromise that allows a scaled-down version of the project to move forward. The new project will deliver amenities to the north San Diego neighborhood while reducing the traffic and visual impacts that caused concern within the community.

Under the terms of the agreement, Kilroy will reduce the scope of the office and retail components of the project, while providing needed housing. The reductions in the project will decrease the number of average daily automobile trips by roughly half while retaining the mixed-use character of the project. The traffic generated by the new project will be substantially less than that of the project the Carmel Valley Community Planning Board recommended in 2014.

Representatives of the three community groups that have long opposed the project said these changes are intended to address most of their concerns. Opponents maintained throughout the approval process that they would welcome a scaled-down version of One Paseo.

“Kilroy has worked to deliver a project that meets many of the goals of the community, including more shops, restaurants, homes and public open space,” said John Kilroy, chairman, president and CEO of Kilroy Realty. “After significantly refining the project a number of times, this new project allows us to provide additional amenities to Carmel Valley without the delay of a protracted legal battle.”

The settlement precludes additional litigation by all parties to the agreement, allowing permit processing on the revised One Paseo to move forward.

Bob Fuchs, co-founder of What Price Main Street community coalition, said, “I believe that the coalition members, though not a party to the negotiations, will find the settlement conditions consistent with what has been advocated for many years, and will be happy to leave the controversy behind and look forward to reviewing a project the community can be proud of.”

According to the terms of the agreement, Kilroy Realty will support a rescission of the City Council’s approval of the prior version of One Paseo. The three community groups have pledged not to oppose a future version of One Paseo that adheres to specific parameters outlined in the document.

If the current iteration of One Paseo is rescinded by the City Council, the future version of the project will need to undergo additional review by the Carmel Valley Community Planning Board, the Planning Commission and City Council before receiving approval, in accordance with local planning guidelines.

— Submitted press release