One Paseo concerns

Note: The following letter was sent by the Torrey Pines Community Planning Board to San Diego City Council District One representative Sherri Lightner and to this newspaper for publication.

The purpose of this letter is to inform you of the recent additional concerns of the Torrey Pines Community Planning Board (TPCPB) regarding the proposed One Paseo Project 193036. As you are aware, the TPCPB has extensive and significant concerns with the project as presented in the Draft EIR; our formal comments on the Draft EIR were copied to you at the time of issuance.

In the last few weeks, the media has reported that the sponsor of this project, Kilroy, has proposed a revised project plan of reduced scale of 1,400,000 square feet (SF). The original proposal was 2 million SF and the DEIR was set at 1,836,000 SF. The revised One Paseo data as indicated on their website shows Commercial Retail: 198,500 SF; Cinema: 48,000 SF; Corporate and Professional Office: 484,000 SF; Residential: 608 units (930,000 SF). It is unclear how the 1.4 million SF number was developed since the website details list above represent 1,660,550 SF.

The information available on the proposal addresses none of the concerns of the TPCPB presented in our DEIR comments namely:

•Risks to public safety from trucks removing excavated soil from the site

•Degradation in emergency services response times, especially west of I-5

•Impact of additional population on school system

•The inadequacy and limited scale of the traffic analysis (including a range of scenarios to address the multiple potential I-5, and SR-56 alternatives)

•The misrepresentation of the project’s Smart Growth principles

It is currently unclear how this proposed change to the project will be addressed in the EIR process and the TPCPB is very concerned that this proposal has been put forward to deflect the significant and substantive concerns identified in comments on the DEIR by presenting the false impression that this scaled down project addresses the concerns of community members.

TPCPB requests your support as the representative council member for our community in ensuring the following:

1) that the project EIR not be allowed to be finalized until community comments on the DEIR have been responded to appropriately and in a manner fully consistent with the California Environmental Quality Act,

2) that sufficient time (minimum of 90 days is requested) be allowed for thorough community review of revisions to the EIR including incorporation of this revised proposal, and

3) that the TPCPB and other community planning boards be kept informed on the review steps and schedule for any potential revision of the Carmel Valley Employment Center Precise Plan necessary for this project to be approved.

The TPCPB has concerns that because this project is backed by well-funded development interests that there is significant risk of this major project not receiving full and open review and consideration by community members. We look to you to ensure that this project is not “fast tracked” or otherwise given anything less than the full and proper analysis that is appropriate.

Dennis Ridz, chair Torrey Pines Community Planning Board