One Paseo deserves city’s endorsement

By Dalia Jacobs-Brandt

New building development in Carmel Valley should conform to smarter, more modern building principles. Forward-looking city planners should see that the proposed One Paseo project raises building standards in a way that would benefit both current and future residents here.

Mixed-use developments bring a variety of elements – shops and restaurants, residences, recreation, office space, and more – into a single space. This maximizes land usage while making life a whole lot more convenient for the community. A single car (or bike) trip to One Paseo would be sufficient to meet a whole host of needs, from buying groceries to seeing a movie or grabbing dinner with a friend.

In fact, developments of this sort represent a “smart growth” movement that’s catching on (and indeed, One Paseo has received the endorsement of MOVE Alliance, which recognizes the merit of “smart growth” projects). A varied cluster of community building blocks like shops and residences not only helps to encourage easy commuting alternatives (like walking or biking), but it’s also more environmentally sustainable.

Kilroy has the right idea, and their project deserves the city’s endorsement.