One Paseo – I really do care


I really do care if Kilroy builds the One Paseo mixed use project.

•I’m not retired, I have a young family, I want my future Torrey Pines students to have more than one place to explore locally.

•I’m not retired. I’d like to be able to go to Trader Joe’s to pick things up on my way home from work, because there is no place to park at Ralphs.

•I’m not retired. I have a young family. I’d like a place my family can walk to go see a flick that I don’t have to take a second mortgage on my home to go see.

•I’m not retired. I’m really well educated. I understand that when a traffic engineer, who does nothing but study and design infrastructure for a living puts his or her name behind a study or a design, it means something.

•I’m not retired. I understand that the definition of “Quality of Life” isn’t determined by any one specific person (retired or not) or interest group funded by a competing property.

•I’m not retired. I’ve been blessed with the opportunity to have lived in a number of places, including very congested urban areas where ambulances, fire and police did just fine, despite extreme traffic congestion.

•I’m not retired and I’d like for my kids to have at least the option of finding a great job right down the street so that when I am retired I can have a fighting chance of keeping my family together. If that’s the price of progress, I’m all in.

•I’m not retired and I’d like to see San Diego have a fighting chance of developing a mass transit solution and provide an alternative to cars. Developments like these that look to the future can give us a chance a getting there. If that’s the price of progress, I’m all in.

Brooks Roffey

Carmel Valley