One Paseo – I really don’t care


I really don’t care if Kilroy builds the One Paseo mixed use project.

I am retired. I can wander over to Carmel Valley after the noon time rush and before the Torrey Pines High school gets out around 2:45 p.m.

I am retired so I can shop at Trader Joe’s before the 1,200 folks living in the apartment/condo complex do their evening market shopping.

I am retired so I can attend the matinée movie shows before the local teens and young adults drive to the parking structure in the evenings or weekends.

I am retired and have heard and seem enough in my lifetime to understand the term “Unintended Consequences.”

I am retired and have learned to understand and interpret “Developer’s Speak” so I understand real world consequences of short-term gains vs long-term results on Quality of Life.

I am retired and do worry that the Station 24 ambulance will be caught in the One Paseo Traffic and not get over the Del Mar Heights Bridge in a timely fashion but that is the price of progress.

Dennis Ridz, chair, Torrey Pines Community Planning Board