One Paseo opposition behavior disappointing

I was in attendance last Thursday night at the Carmel Valley Planning Board meeting where supporters and opposition of One Paseo were both given equal time to state their opinions and reasoning why the One Paseo mixed-use development in Carmel Valley should or should not move forward as currently planned.

After the meeting was initiated by CV Planning Board Chairman Frisco White, the board attended to some planning-related housekeeping items, then turned the microphone over to board members to inquire and ask questions directed at Kilroy...within a short time, and to my surprise, up comes Dave Roberts, newly elected San Diego County Supervisor who stated that he has no vote on the project, in addition to no involvement, but proceeds to deliver his rationale and accuses Kilroy of attempting to “shoehorn” a project into a community where it has no room or support to do so. Correct me if I’m wrong here Mr. Supervisor, if you have no vote, no involvement, and what appeared to be no interest in smart-growth, future planning and forward-thinking, what were you doing there?

Where are the Republican supervisors when you need them? Read the recent Bing articles…

Next, and what the crowd didn’t anticipate, or myself for that matter, was Bob Filner showing up. Amazing! Mayor of San Diego for those of you who don’t know who he is, or would like to forget who he is, goes staggering through the crowd, clomping up to the podium, and begins firing up the opposition with his unrehearsed diatribe of how the Kilroy property should stand as originally approved as it was back in 1975. Unbelievable! In his 10- minute so-called speech, he used the words “things and stuff” repeatedly.

Unbelievably, after our illustrious mayor admitted during his speech that he has no vote on the project, what he failed to admit was that he has no interest, involvement or knowledge on the project either…nor care or concern for the community residents in support of the project as he

walked ou

t shortly after receiving his undeserved and raucous applause by the opposition, not waiting respectively to hear the recent amendments and revisions made to the project by the Kilroy team as a result of community input, project supporters


opposition. I am sincerely dumbfounded as to how this “so called official” was ever elected into the mayor’s office for the 8th largest city in America. Astounding! Again, where are the Republicans when you need them?

After our mayor exited stage left, Kilroy management, who spent a great deal of time and effort addressing the many key points that the project has to offer with visual graphics and calculations to support issues involved with the project, presented what was considered by many, very professional, well planned and well delivered, but unfortunately not well received by the disrespectful opposition. Those of us with regard to respectful behavior were witness to the opposition’s snickering and groaning and rolling their eyes every time the Kilroy representatives touched on an issue of impact or debate. My kudos to the Kilroy team for remaining unfazed by such embarrassing behavior.

Then came the opposition’s turn to provide input from their point of view. I believe, if they could have, they would have all dressed up in Goth clothing with the Grim Reaper as their spokesperson.

After the opposition had their say, a good portion of the opposition crowd left like a herd of cattle going for feed bags outside of the auditorium, not even waiting to hear project supporter’s and community member points of view.

From that point, the project supporters were given an ample amount of time by the planning board to present their valid and respectful thoughts and opinions, as a handful of members of the opposition, still in attendance, were again giggling and moaning to comments made by long-time Carmel Valley residents and project supporters. Good points were addressed in favor with mitigation measures for all issues expressed openly and intelligently.

I believe as a small business owner, and long-time resident of Carmel Valley, I have come to expect, or hope for, people to listen, understand, make a valid assessment, and respond respectively to all issues considered regarding the proposed One Paseo development plan. What I didn’t expect is all of the emotions, drama, theatrics, grandstanding and media-hungry politicians, all moving in concert, without really trying to make a difference, and just making noise.

Final thought being…my best to the community of Carmel Valley, the resident-planning board, Kilroy Realty team, and the City of San Diego, to find an equal balance that will allow Kilroy to develop Carmel Valley’s mixed-use, smart growth, forward-thinking, future oriented, One Paseo community project.

Greg Klima,

22-year resident of Carmel Valley

and One Paseo supporter