One Paseo project: Carmel Valley’s next great chapter

Last week, Kilroy Realty hosted what they called an “Open House” about their proposed One Paseo development. We attended the event and wanted to share our experience and what we observed, because no matter where you stand on One Paseo, it is an issue of interest to all of us.

As we walked around the room, there were display boards staffed by Kilroy employees and their technical consultants with diagrams of the project layout and information about how the size has been reduced. There was also a video that really brought the project to life, showing images of the homes opening up onto bike and walkways, steps away from Trader Joe’s, restaurants and shops, a movie theater and grassy areas.

Those who attended ranged from folks who’ve followed the project closely (on both sides), to those who weren’t as knowledgeable, but wanted to learn more. The traffic expert spent hours walking countless neighbors through a diagram that illustrated how cars would get in and out of underground parking garages, where traffic lights would be synchronized at Kilroy’s expense to keep traffic flowing and how walking and bicycling would be encouraged. Other technical experts described the changes to the project and the sustainable elements.

Although we were already sold on the opportunities and what this means for Carmel Valley, it was nice to see others get excited once they understood the extensive study and thought that has been put into addressing the concerns they had.

We love this community and encourage our neighbors to imagine the possibilities of what could become Carmel Valley’s next great chapter as it celebrates its 30th anniversary. As a small business owner on High Bluff Drive who would love to walk over on his lunch break and enjoy some new options without having to drive, and a longtime resident nearing retirement who would like to live in a neighborhood such as One Paseo, we personally cannot wait to see One Paseo move forward.

We appreciated that Kilroy held this event and hope our neighbors will continue to educate themselves and urge our elected officials to embrace this chance for our town to enjoy its next great place.

Weston Quick, a small business owner in Carmel Valley, and Laurence Schreiber, a 15-year Carmel Valley resident.