‘One Paseo Project’ in Carmel Valley will provide many community benefits

As a property owner in Carmel Valley I would again like to show my support for the “One Paseo Project.”

A short time ago an Environmental Impact Report was completed for this proposed project. After reviewing the information and having conversations with consultants it seems the trip generation estimates applied to One Paseo and approved by City of San Diego transportation staff don’t use the SANDAG model, and therefore result in a very conservative trip generation reduction. This must be why some misunderstood people are concerned about “gridlock.”

There is a more accurate way to predict the amount of local trip capture and the percentage of trip reduction for mixed-use developments and it is part of San Diego’s own Sustainable Communities Strategy (SCS) and their Smart Growth Map published in 2012.

In Mr. Dean’s recent letter published in this newspaper, he says he looked at the SANDAG web site for the most recent (2010) estimates of traffic volumes; but he failed to mention that since 2010 SANDAG is attempting to fix the problem by promoting smart growth mixed-use projects rather than the sprawl that has occurred in the region for the last 44 years of Mr. Dean’s residency! Further, SANDAG adopted a Regional Smart Growth Map in January of 2012 address it.

I might point out that the aforementioned Sustainable Communities Strategy (SCS) was conducted by SANDAG and Developed in accordance with California Senate Bill 375 (SB 375), the Sustainable Communities Strategy is a new element of the 2050 Regional Transportation Plan (RTP). As evidence of progress, the study would conclude that the One Paseo mixed-use project will result in trip reduction of 15 to 25 percent instead of the 4 to 6 percent in the City’s conservative estimates.

Clearly, the traffic reduction from mixed-use projects is potentially even greater than had been previously thought. Combined with all the other benefits a project like this will provide, a multi-million dollar winning lottery ticket never being cashed by its residents is a better analogy than the ancient Trojan Horse Mr. Dean represents.

Jim Sardo

Carmel Valley resident