One Paseo project would boost local economy, create jobs

By Craig Sanger

At a time when we’re just emerging from a long recession, Carmel Valley should welcome responsible new business development. The One Paseo development under consideration could have a tremendously positive impact on Carmel Valley’s local economy. We would be foolish to ignore that potential.

One Paseo would create thousands of jobs, many of which would be available permanently. Increased jobs and increased local business translates to increased local tax funds for Carmel Valley. That’s a benefit the whole community can share in, whether it involves more support for our school system or better maintenance of our roads. Better to keep our money circulating within the community, rather than having to conduct so much business and shopping outside Carmel Valley, as many families presently do.

The recession should have taught us the value of stable, sustainable jobs and growth – as well as the need to embrace positive opportunities when they’re right in front of us. Turning away from One Paseo would be a regrettable mistake and a huge missed opportunity for the community.