One Paseo: Still issues to be addressed

So, Kilroy is reducing the One Paseo project by 30 percent?

We could quibble with the numbers as the original proposal was for 1.85M square feet, not the 2M now cited. But we really need to keep in mind that the important baseline number is neither 1.85M nor 2M but 510,000. That’s the current entitlement for any developer wanting to build on the site in question.

What Kilroy wants to do is change the San Diego General Plan to allow a three-fold (originally four and a half-fold) increase in the occupied square footage. Our streets and roads were designed for 510,000. Del Mar Heights Road is already congested with the land still vacant.

Perhaps Kilroy will present adequate mitigation for the traffic generated by this project; however, the track record from the Draft EIR does not inspire confidence. Meanwhile, we need to counteract the million dollar public relations job Kilroy is launching.

I wonder if Trader Joe’s knows that we avid shoppers will not be able to get there from here; we’ll be stuck in traffic.

Diana Scheffler, Architect

Torrey Pines Community