One Paseo: Substitute the word ‘magic’ for ‘mitigate’

In the article, “City engineers report on One Paseo’s impact on traffic draws mixed response,” the word “mitigate” or variations thereof, e.g., “mitigation,” “mitigating,” is used 17 times. In view of the issue involved, i.e., the creation of a mini-city, might I suggest substitution of the word “magic?” We would then read, for example: “He said it would be more or less similar to what people experience today because magic will get it back to an acceptable level of service,” and, “Harvey argued that their magic will change the roadways, as the community plan intended for Carmel Valley’s roads to have well-landscaped medians and to be ‘natural and serene to drive.’” I mean, bottomline, that’s what they’re asking us to swallow, right?

Walter Carlin,

Del Mar