One Paseo: The tide has turned!


Thank you Carmel Valley, for your great turnout at the Aug. 28 Carmel Valley Planning Board meeting. More than 400 of you attended to voice your opposition to


One Paseo, many of you standing for hours to add your applause as we exposed Kilroy’s many incorrect statements and exaggerations. And once again prevailed on them to propose a smaller mixed use project, reiterating the key question: Does it really serve our community to accept 1.2 million square feet of additional office towers and residential units-- over 80 percent of


One Paseo proposal — just to add the new shopping, dining and entertainment choices



Inside the auditorium not only did the more than 400 “NO on THIS One Paseo” badges far outnumber One Paseo’s pretty blue support ones, but it was quickly clear to all that most of theirs were worn by Kilroy employees, paid consultants, and hopeful contractors. The audience continually questioned (and often ridiculed) the credibility of Kilroy’s stream of consultants, while waves of applause accompanied Supervisor Dave Roberts and the What Price Main Street speakers. Their criticisms of Kilroy’s weak defense of the negative impacts of this proposed over-building loudly resonated with the majority. And as the meager support for


One Paseo dissipated, Kilroy supporters who submitted speaker slips disappeared into the night, name after name being called with no response, while a steady stream of opposition speakers garnered more crowd applause.

As to Kilroy’s accusations that some of What Price Main Street’s signatures are “from other states and countries,” we will gladly present our


4,000 unique signatures from 92130 and 92014 residents and businesses for audit, and challenge


Kilroy to do the same if you really have the support you claim.

Once again, thank you Carmel Valley community for emphatically expressing your opposition to


One Paseo. Our collective goal continues to be to compel Kilroy to listen to the community, rein in their dreams of mega-profits, and come back to the Planning Board with a similar high-quality, mixed-use project in a smaller scale with far less of the elements we don’t value. One that better fits our community character and ability to absorb the increased traffic. Please attend this Thursday night’s 7 p.m. Planning Board meeting at Canyon Crest Academy to re-emphasize your feelings before the board votes!

Robert Freund

Carmel Valley resident and retired commercial real estate executive